Seeking Product Testers from India

Job Description:

Hi. Are you someone who enjoys trying out amazing products and getting paid for your time? Nice! Welcome to "Work from Sofa" an opportunity where we assist individuals in India who want to test products on Amazon and get rewarded for their efforts. As a product reviewer, you will receive selected products for free, test them, and share your honest review online, all while earning money. It's as simple as following the steps below!

Why do product review jobs work so well? Businesses selling products are seeking individuals like you, and we are currently hiring product reviewers for contract-based work-from-home testing on Amazon. Our product testers will earn $15-$27 per product testing session while receiving the product for free.

When you join the "Work from Sofa" team, you'll enjoy the following benefits:
  1. Remote work from the comfort of your home with flexible hours.
  2. Access to free products on Amazon for testing purposes.
  3. Quick cash payment for your time and review posting on Amazon.
  4. Opportunities to test and try a wide variety of products.
Qualifications for Joining Our Team:
  1. Minimum age requirement of 18 years.
  2. Possession of a PayPal account for fund transfers.
  3. An active Amazon account (Amazon Prime not necessary).
  4. Rliesidency in India with a valid shipping address.
  5. Proficiency in written English.
  6. Ability to upload pictures and/or videos of products on Amazon (Smartphone uploads accepted).


Wondering how our Amazon Product Review Jobs operate? Here's a breakdown:
  1. Receive Products for FREE on Amazon: We will reimburse you for purchasing specific products on Amazon. Simply follow our instructions and place the order to proceed.
  2. Test the Assigned Products: Once you receive the product, thoroughly test it as part of your job and be prepared to write your review.
  3. Earn Cash for Your Testing Time: Upon posting your review on Amazon, you will receive quick cash payment. We typically process payments within 24 hours after review submission. It's fast and hassle-free!
Your Feedback Makes a Difference

Business owners value the input of individuals like you when it comes to testing their products. Feedback is crucial for the success of any product, and that's why businesses rely on users like yourself to try out newly released items listed on Amazon. We make it easy for you to earn cash every time.

Here's a testimonial from a satisfied user who tested products on Amazon through our program:

"I earned $50 for testing each product every 5 days. It's a fantastic and effortless way to make extra money. I highly recommend this platform to my friends and family." - User of "Work from Sofa" program.

Even business owners appreciate our service and the connection we provide:

"It's incredibly gratifying to see our product being well-received by those who tested it. Their feedback confirmed the value of our investment before fully committing our time and resources to the market." - Business owner who utilized "Work from Sofa" reviewers.


We enjoy working with people and want to ensure you understand the process before starting your product testing journey. Here are some frequently asked questions about our public product review jobs:

  1. How does this program work? Our product testing jobs are designed for individuals who want to receive free products and earn money by testing them on Amazon and posting their reviews.
  2. Can I choose the products to review? Yes and no. We have an exclusive list of products, and they are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Why do you need my PayPal account? We use PayPal to provide payment to users who participate in our Amazon product testing jobs.
  4. Why is an Amazon account required to participate? The products we offer
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